Life after divorce or the issuance of orders in a paternity case can take many unexpected turns. In recognition of this clear reality, California courts maintain the power to re-evaluate and modify orders for child support, child custody, visitation and spousal support when justified by a significant change in circumstances.

Clear Legal Guidance For People Dealing With Major Life Changes

Dedicated family lawyer Kevin L Qualls and our caring, accomplished legal team have decades of experience petitioning for and defending against post-judgment modifications. The many concerns and situations we help our clients address include the need for:

  • Modifications of child support and/or spousal support made necessary due to job loss, another substantial income change or a demonstrable change in a child’s economic needs
  • Changes in child custody and visitation orders when children are not thriving under the existing arrangement, a child has reached sufficient age for his or her wishes to be considered, domestic violence or substance abuse is discovered, or under certain other circumstances
  • Viable approaches to gaining permission to move away as a custodial parent, prevent a parental relocation or modify orders that will support both parental relationships after a move-away

Your Irvine Area Attorney For Spousal Support Modification Or Changes To Other Orders

Prompt action to learn and pursue your legal options may be extremely important. If, for example, you know you will soon be unable to meet support obligations, we will need to put your case and petition together quickly. The same is true if you hope to move with your children or protect your parental rights as a noncustodial parent.
At Kevin L Qualls Family Law, a deeply experienced Orange County child support modification attorney will hear you out, provide practical counsel and guide you through every step in the process. To request a consultation focused on finding the best approach to your case, call (714) 750-5988 or contact us online now.