Spousal support – sometimes called alimony or spousal maintenance – is a family law issue that is subject to many myths and misconceptions. Far from awarding spousal support automatically in divorces, California judges have great discretion and often consider a very wide range of factors. As a result, this may be an intensely contested issue in your case.

On spousal support and all other considerations in divorce, attorney Kevin L Qualls is deeply committed to offering reliable information and clear, realistic guidance. Whether you believe you should be awarded spousal support in your divorce settlement or need to defend against unreasonable demands by your wife or husband, our legal team can help.

Practical Counsel And Strategic Representation Of Your Financial Interests

A few of the most prominent factors relevant to spousal support negotiations and litigation are the length of the marriage, the respective incomes of both parties and the lifestyle maintained during the marriage. Other key considerations in your case may include:

  • Both temporary and final spousal support orders may be issued, and it is important to be fully prepared for the proceedings that determine each type.
  • Spousal support awards specify not only the amount to be paid, but also the duration (how long payments will continue), and both issues should be carefully considered as we target the outcome that best protects your financial future.
  • Disputes often revolve around issues such as the actual incomes and financial needs of each divorcing spouse, the real earning capacity of a nonworking or underemployed person, and other issues.

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At Kevin L Qualls Family Law, you can benefit from our decades of experience negotiating favorable outcomes in divorce cases involving complex disputes over property division and other financial issues. This includes successful representation of many high-earning professionals, executives and their spouses. We have the knowledge and resources to evaluate every angle on your case and identify the best strategy for you.

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