Aside from matters involving children, the most intensely disputed issues in divorce center on how property, assets and debts will be divided between the parties. Whether you are focused on staying in your home or keeping other specific property, protecting assets you brought into the marriage, maintaining control of your business or other concerns, reliable legal counsel and strategic preparation are critical.

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At Kevin L Qualls Family Law in Orange, CA, a property division lawyer with more than 20 years of experience across the spectrum of divorce will address all your financial questions and goals. If your case involves moderate assets, we will strive for fair, efficient and cost-effective resolution. If you have millions on the line, we are prepared to enlist qualified experts as necessary and go the distance to protect your interests.
Under California law, all assets acquired during the course of a marriage are to be divided equally if that marriage ends in divorce. This includes qualified retirement accounts and a range of other assets some people do not anticipate having to divide. However, the real-world application of this “50-50” formula can present many pivotal challenges. We have helped our clients favorably resolve disputes over matters such as:

  • The characterization of property as either community property subject to division or separate property that one party owned prior to the marriage or received as a gift or inheritance
  • Proper and accurate valuation of complex assets such as real estate, family-owned businesses and professional practices, art or other collections, and more
  • Allegations that either party has hidden assets or otherwise failed to provide full financial disclosure
  • Equitable or “in-kind” exchanges that may be mutually acceptable to both parties and enable settlement of other disputed issues such as spousal support

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We are prepared to thoroughly analyze all financial issues in your divorce in order to helping you form realistic expectations and develop the optimal strategy for emerging in the best shape possible. If you would like to sit down face to face for a free half-hour consultation with attorney Kevin L. Qualls, we encourage you to contact us by telephone or email now.