The Law Office of Kevin L Qualls in Orange, CA

As an unmarried parent or a man who has been told you fathered a child, there may be many reasons for you to seek qualified, balanced legal counsel. At Kevin L Qualls Family Law in Orange, a paternity lawyer with decades of experience protecting children’s and parents’ interests will carefully consider your specific case and help you make the soundest possible decisions.

Caring, Reliable Guidance And Decisive Action For Mothers And Fathers

DNA testing is very accessible and reliable today, and it must be completed to establish the biological father of a child for legal purposes. We will guide you through the steps necessary to establish paternity and advise you of what the results may mean in terms of your rights and obligations. Attorney Kevin L Qualls is well-prepared to represent you as:

  • A mother who wants to formally establish a father’s parentage and pursue a just order for California child support
  • A man who wants a definite answer about his relationship to a child and, often, the ability to establish a relationship and formal visitation rights
  • A parent considering a child custody action in the child’s best interests

Our law firm is a proven resource for parents who need reliable legal counsel and support of their goals. Kevin Qualls’ extensive, wide-ranging experience as a court-appointed attorney for minor children is an important asset in many paternity cases. Whether you have recently had a child or you have maintained an “informal” parenting relationship for years and now want to take action to protect your child and your own legal rights, we will help.

Turn To An Irvine Area Family Law Attorney You Can Talk To And Trust

We understand the pressure and uncertainty you may be feeling as you confront difficult decisions in a paternity matter. At our firm, you can count on receiving clear, practical advice based on the unique facts of your case. Our work together can begin with a free half-hour consultation, and we prioritize value as well as results in all we do.