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At Kevin L Qualls Family Law, we understand how difficult it is for many parents to accept significant changes in the time they spend with children and the levels of control they have over their kids’ lives. Establishing a child custody and visitation arrangement that works for everyone involved is often the most challenging aspect of a divorce with children.

Decisions regarding child custody and visitation must be made in the best interests of the child. As an experienced Orange County child custody attorney often appointed by judges to represent minor children in court, Kevin L Qualls is extremely well-qualified to assess the facts and nuances of your unique family situation. He will offer clear, practical guidance on what is achievable and how the court is likely to rule if you cannot reach agreement through negotiation or mediation.

Balanced, Practical Guidance And Skilled Representation In Custody Disputes

In the vast majority of divorce cases, our goal is to obtain orders that support children’s continued close and loving relationships with both parents. Provided there are no allegations of domestic violence, substance abuse or other serious concerns about the mother’s or father’s fitness to parent, we:

  • Thoroughly assess whether joint or “shared” physical custody is a viable solution in view of parents’ work schedules and obligations, ability to communicate effectively and other factors
  • Create carefully constructed, detailed parenting plans in pursuit of our clients’ goals for significant time with their children if they will not have primary custody
  • Work to ensure that our client is awarded joint legal custody – by far the most common outcome – that provides for equal input on major decisions involving education, medical care, religion and some other aspects of children’s lives

In addition to providing divorce counsel, our legal team frequently assists clients with all aspects of post-judgment modifications.

Your Irvine Area Attorney For Child Visitation And Custody Concerns

Whether you strongly believe you should have primary custody, want to avoid becoming “just” a weekend parent, or you have other concerns, we encourage you to sit down and talk with respected California family lawyer Kevin L Qualls face to face. We offer a free half-hour consultation to begin evaluating your case and legal options.