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California single parenting after divorce affects children

California divorce impacts children of a marriage the most. As parents squabble, children have no say and feel insecure about their future. This outcome is true everywhere in the country, including California. In the best interests of the child, the court gives child custody to one parent and orders child support to be paid by the other.

We help with child support matters in Orange County, California

According to California family law, specific guidelines must be followed for paying child support. However, it does not mean that disputes over child support do not ever occur. If you are responsible for paying child support and are looking to modify a child support order, it is important that you seek legal help.

Beyonce's father given break in child support

A California judge recently ordered a $9,500 cut to the monthly child support payments being made by Mathew Knowles, father of pop star Beyonce Knowles. Knowles had been paying $12,000 a month to an actress, with whom he has one child. Knowles' child was the product of an affair, which became public knowledge in 2009.

Woman seeks child support from hip-hop artist Ludacris

In a case that some entertainment fans in California are watching with interest, Ludacris is currently involved in legal talks over his child support obligations. The 'Fast and Furious" star, who has a 13-year-old daughter from a prior relationship, became a father for the second time on Dec. 9. The child was born of a brief affair that Ludacris had with another woman when he separated from his girlfriend for a short time during 2013.

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