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Children should not be collateral damage in any divorce

Too often children are caught between parents during divorce proceedings. Because they are the subject of certain decisions that parents and a judge must make -- especially child custody and child support -- uncertainty about their future can only add more anxiety to an already difficult time, especially if a parent seems to be prompting them to take sides. If the spouses are not able to go through divorce peacefully, they often malign one another in front of their children, and this can adversely affect children's emotional well-being.

How to resolve property division issues in Southern California

Apart from who will take custody of a California couple's minor children, the most intensely disputed issues in divorce usually concern the disposition of real property, assets and debts. Whether a spouse is focused on staying in the martial home, keeping specific properties, protecting assets acquired during marriage or maintaining control of a business or other concern, reliable legal counsel can be critical.

Dealing with pet ownership during divorce

Separating spouses in California may expect to battle over certain aspects of their divorce, such as how to split up assets of a sizable value, like real property, investment accounts, retirement accounts and expensive collections. However, one aspect of the divorce that they may not anticipate arguing about in their divorce case is ownership of pets.

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