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How child support complaints are resolved in California

In California, when parents have problems with child support orders, the California Department of Child Support Services can provide assistance if a parent requests help. For noncustodial parents, the issue may be that child support payments are too high; for custodial parents, the issue may be that the obligor misses payments. Fortunately, complaints can be filed by any party that has an issue that can be addressed by Child Support Services. The forms required to file complaints are available at local child support agencies, typically county agencies, as well as the Department of Child Support Services' official website.

Obtaining a child support order in California

Orange County residents would agree that the money a custodial parent receives from the supporting parent in the form of child support is critical to the various financial needs of the child. Therefore, child support is one of the most important issues that parents need to address after separating. Understanding California's child support guidelines is a must in that situation.

Website devoted to unpaid child support

A California county has instituted a new program in an effort to locate "deadbeat" parents. The San Diego County Department of Child Support Services has recently announced an online tip line to collect information on individuals who are suspected of not paying their court-ordered child support.

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