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Mediation can help resolve California child custody disputes

Many California couples agree that divorce hits children hard. While their parents can at least look forward to a new life, children are often haunted by insecurity. Parents frequently wonder who will have child custody and who will pay for child support. In the best interests of the child, courts usually order one parent to provide child custody and order the other parent to pay child support.

Child custody matters and relocation decisions are important

The term "divorce" has a ring of finality and yet the family's situation may change radically after a divorce. An Orange, California, parent with custody over a child may need to relocate out of the immediate area or out of state. However, before a parent makes the decision to relocate, the parent must consider the most important factor a court will consider before allowing relocation, the best interests of the child.

California single parenting after divorce affects children

California divorce impacts children of a marriage the most. As parents squabble, children have no say and feel insecure about their future. This outcome is true everywhere in the country, including California. In the best interests of the child, the court gives child custody to one parent and orders child support to be paid by the other.

Divorced TV couple Jon and Kate may be headed for custody fight

California fans of the now defunct television show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8" are taking note of the latest developments in the lives of the Gosselin family. A recent interview given by Jon, the father of the eight children, makes it appear likely that a child custody fight could be imminent for the former couple.

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