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Disputes over child support factors may call for legal help

As a previous post here noted, there are many different factors that go into a child support calculation in California. In addition to each parent's income, things like tax consequences, child care expenses, health insurance and the like can also be considered in the calculation.

What factors into a child support calculation?

Previous posts here have discussed various individual factors that California law takes into consideration when it comes to the courts of this state determining the proper amount of child support. It may be helpful to parents in Orange County to have an overview of all the items a court will consider.

More on how college expenses work in terms of child support

A previous post on this blog explained that child support in California ends when a child turns 18 or until either he or she graduates or until age 19. In other words, there is no legal authority for a judge, no matter how much he or she might want to, to order a parent to pay for his or her child's college education.

When will my child support obligation end?

As its name implies, in California, child support is for the benefit of minor children who still need financial help from their parents. This means that when a child reaches the age of adulthood, he or she in theory no longer needs support and thus neither parent has any further obligation to pay.

If life circumstances changed, consider a support modification

A previous post on this blog talked when Orange County, California, parents can seek modification of their child support obligation. Generally speaking, a parent can do so whenever they can demonstrate that there has been a change in circumstances.

Under what circumstances can I seek to change child support?

For Orange County, California, parents who live in separate homes, child support is going to be part of their lives. Courts see child support not only as a part of a paternity or divorce case but also as an extension of a child's right to be nourished and cared for by both of the child's parents.

Representing clients when income capacity is an issue

A previous post on this blog has already explained how our law office can help Orange County residents when they are having a dispute over how much income they should have to county, or, for that matter, how much they are entitled to take as credits for expenses, when it comes to calculating child support.

Courts may consider "earning capacity" in child support cases

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how Orange County, California courts, consistent with state law, ordinarily are going to determine child support based on what each parent actually makes in income from various sources and will back out certain qualified expenses. Some might wonder, however, what would happen if a parent, wishing to be spiteful or just feeling more freedom to do what he or she wants in life, decides to quit his or her good paying job and either not work at all or work at a job that pays a lot less. Especially if this is just part of an effort to avoid paying child support, such behavior can be very frustrating for the other parent who is trying to make sure the children have their financial needs met.

Counting the income of a former partner's new companion

One frustration an Orange County, California, parent may face when it comes to child support is when the other parent is underemployed and thus, under the general rules that apply to child support calculations, does not have to pay as much in support. This situation is especially frustrating when the other parent had a good paying job and traded it for something that does not pay as much.

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