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Can child support payments be enforced?

After a negotiation or court-ordered mandate, a child support amount has likely been decided. One child's parent is the payer of the child support payments, and the other is the recipient on behalf of their child. However, just because child support has been ordered doesn't mean that the paying parent will pay it in full and on-time. So, what's to be done when your child's support payments aren't coming in?

Review of how we can help with college expenses

Although this post has discussed this topic before, with the latest round of young people in Orange County, California, getting ready to graduate high school in the upcoming weeks, it may be helpful for their parents to review how their divorce or child support orders can help with the financing of college.

Bonuses are figured into child support calculations

Many residents of Orange County have the benefit of being in jobs that offer both regular and unexpected bonuses. Sometimes, these bonuses are "just because," while at other times they may be based in some way on job performance. Oftentimes, California business executives and salespeople may even have a detailed plan with their employers in which they are promised bonuses in exchange for meeting certain defined goals or achieving a pre-determined result.

Unreimbursed health care expenses

A previous post here discussed the process courts and parents in California should use with respect to unreimbursed medical expenses. Oftentimes, insurance does not pay for all of a child's medical needs, and one or both parents will be left paying some bills out of pocket.

Fringe benefits can be figured in to the child support

This blog has on previous occasions discussed how California applies a specific formula to determine how much each parent owes toward child support. Application of this formula depends heavily on each parent's income, and for good reason. How much each parent makes will translate in to how much he or she can afford in child support. The parents' income is also a good measure of how much support a child will need in order to maintain his or her standard of living.

More on deviations from the Child Support Guidelines

A previous post talked about how not every California child support case is a matter of applying a formula set out under this state's Child Support Guidelines. Particularly with high-earners and other parents in special circumstances, simply plugging in the appropriate numbers to yield child support might not be appropriate and even downright unfair.

Helping clients in difficult child support cases

Although California like most other states has a set formula for determining child support in most cases, this does not mean that every divorce, legal separation, or other proceedings involving child support is an easy case that can be handled without professional legal help.

Being behind in child support can mean not earning a living

Many people in Orange County rely on their ability to drive a car to earn their living. Whether they are commercial drivers, just do a lot of driving as part of their job or need to drive in order to commute to work, not being able to operate a vehicle legally can thus put a person in a serious financial pinch.

Review of how to get a child support modification

With the end of the year approaching, it is a good time for Orange County parents to review their finances. As part of this review, they may realize that they are paying too much child support. Other parents might discover that, for a lot of reasons, the child support the other parent is providing is simply no longer enough to be fair.

What expenses should child support cover?

Most Orange County parents who live apart have probably accepted that child support is just a fact of life. Whether they receive payments or make them, parents realize these payments exist to make sure that both parents contribute to their children's needs and that the child remains well cared for even though the parents live apart.

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