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Why might a court order supervised visits?

Previous posts here have discussed how courts in California have the authority, at least in limited circumstances, to order one parent to have only supervised visits with a child. There is no checklist that courts use to decide what does and what does not qualify as a reason to order supervised visits. As such, a parent in Orange County who feels that supervised visits are needed, or, on the other hand, feels like they are not necessary, may need to get more information about the applicable child custody laws.

Custody considerations for special needs children

As an Orange County parent who has been through it knows, any custody dispute or dispute over parenting time is stressful, even when the parents are able to get along reasonably well. There are just a lot of details that have to be worked out, and there are often inherently a lot of emotions involved.

Review of how to enforce a custody order

An Orange County parent who lives separately from his or her child's other parent will likely have some sort of custody arrangement in place with the other parent. Whether agreed to between the parents or made up entirely by the court, this arrangement ordinarily is enshrined in a written court order.

Review of grandparents' rights in California

As this blog has discussed previously, while their rights are not the same as those of parents, grandparents have certain rights to see and, at times, even have custody over their grandchildren. With respect to visitation rights, state law allows grandparents to ask a court for an order requiring that they be allowed to have contact with their grandchildren in certain circumstances, such as when one of the child's parents is deceased or the parents are divorced. Although getting such an order is more difficult when a child's parents are married, it is not impossible.

Can I take my children out of state?

Whether or not a parent can leave the state of California with his or her children is the source of a lot of confusion, and contention, in the world of family law. Many parents may believe that the other parent can never under any circumstances leave California with the children, even for a brief vacation or day trip.

Review of protections for domestic violence victims

Many people in Orange County recognize that domestic violence is an ongoing problem for many California families. Although, the problem often is kept as a carefully guarded family secret, victims should never feel that they have to put up with physical violence and abuse. In fact, during this month dedicated to supporting victims of domestic violence, it may be encouraging to review some of the legal options victims have when it comes to custody and parenting time.

How domestic violence allegations affect child custody

Many times, standard child custody advice that even attorneys like to give to Orange County parents might not be workable in a parent's particular situation. Probably the best example of this is when one of the parents has committed an act of domestic violence against the other parent, as the standard child custody advice that parents should try to get along and have roughly equal time simply cannot be safely applied when one of the parents is abusive.

We can help create a workable parenting plan

Previous posts on this California blog talked about a parenting plan and how couples who are not living together may need one both to keep their own lives running smoothly and to provide for the emotional and even physical needs of their children. While this is especially important when parents are not getting along and need some clear and detail rules by which to abide, a parenting plan is still a good idea, even when the couple that is splitting is generally able to work things out with respect to their kids.

Considerations when using a therapist to testify

There's no question that life in general can be tough for kids to cope with, especially when they are in the midst of a child custody dispute between their parents. A child who has witnessed or a divorce or who has just had to learn that their parents are going to live apart from each other permanently may need some help from a mental health professional to cope with these issues.

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