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Father fights for alimony modification in California

Divorces are often riddled with a high voltage of emotional drama. One of the major pressing issues in divorce cases is the issue of spousal support or alimony. Under alimony laws, California family courts try to employ the rule of equity where neither party should be adversely affected or at a financial loss due to the end of the marital bond.

How is property divided in the event of a divorce in California?

A divorce, no matter where it occurs, can tug on heart and purse strings. Many aspects of a divorce require careful analysis for a fair settlement, such as alimony payment, property division and child support payments.

How do you ask for a spousal support order in divorce?

Divorce is not just about two people moving on with their lives. There are also financial issues and concerns, such as property division, child support payments and child custody. One financial aspect of divorce that a spouse needs to keep in mind is payment of spousal support or alimony. Everywhere in the country, including here in California, a spouse can ask for spousal support when the divorce case is filed. Temporary spousal support orders can be filed even when an individual is awaiting a final divorce decree.

What are the options for responding to a divorce in California?

What are the options that a Californian has when served with a divorce summons? First, they need to go through the papers carefully. The Form FL-100 Petition will tell you what the petitioner (usually the spouse) wants. There is also another form, the Summons Form FL-110, which provides information about the rights and responsibilities that you have in the divorce process.

Making difficult choices during divorce

When we get into a relationship, we believe it will last forever. However, circumstances may not allow us to hold on to the relationship for eternity. Many Californians have gone through heart breaks due to friends and family, but one of the most disturbing events can be a divorce, as it can affect the entire life of a person.

Understanding some of the changes accompanying divorce

For people of Orange County, a divorce might be amicable or contentious, but the basic ways in which a divorce affects people's financial lives are quite similar. At the end of a marriage, parties must decide how to divide their assets and which assets are subject to division. Although California courts state that they wish former spouses to walk away from a divorce with an equitable share of property, someone could end up with less than what is fair if he or she does not understand their options.

Large alimony payments continue for actor John Cleese

California entertainment fans may be interested in information revealed in a recent interview with actor/comedian John Cleese. The actor opened up about his marriage and divorce, and how much the alimony settlement is costing him.

Recommended questions to ask during the divorce process

California couples who are facing the daunting prospect of the termination of their marriage may have plenty of questions for their attorneys. Experts agree that some of those questions are more important than others. First, understanding the costs that may be incurred is essential. Legal fees can vary greatly depending on how complicated the divorce process becomes and how long it takes.

Prenuptial agreements in Orange County

Orange County has more than just a few 'real housewives," but while many women still take on the role of homemaker, the number of women entering the outside workforce has been increasing over the years. As more women begin to develop their careers, family law attorneys have been seeing a rise in the number of women requesting prenuptial agreements from their soon-to-be husbands.

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