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Review of how we can help with college expenses

Although this post has discussed this topic before, with the latest round of young people in Orange County, California, getting ready to graduate high school in the upcoming weeks, it may be helpful for their parents to review how their divorce or child support orders can help with the financing of college.

As this blog has stated previously, the obligation to provide child support ends in California when a child turns 18 or, if the child is in high school, either graduates or turns 19. In other words, parents do not have an obligation to pay for their children's college tuition and expenses.

Nevertheless, many parents understand the importance of providing for a child's college education. As such, they may, for any number of reasons, be willing to enter in to a child support agreement that will include a promise that each parent will chip in for some of their child's tuition and other related expenses.

In some cases, such as when parents split while a child is very young, parents may not find it practical to discuss a college education as they try to work out other details of custody, parenting time and support. This does not necessarily mean they cannot address the issue down the road. For instance, our law office assists with post-judgement modifications to child support obligations and other related orders.

Especially since paying for college expenses is voluntary, it is important for parents who want to agree to cover them to think through their agreements carefully. We can help parents take the appropriate factors in to account and also draft agreements that protect their interests while providing for their children. When creative solutions, like setting up a trust fund or formal college savings plan, are needed, we can steer our clients in the right direction.

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