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May 2019 Archives

Can child support payments be enforced?

After a negotiation or court-ordered mandate, a child support amount has likely been decided. One child's parent is the payer of the child support payments, and the other is the recipient on behalf of their child. However, just because child support has been ordered doesn't mean that the paying parent will pay it in full and on-time. So, what's to be done when your child's support payments aren't coming in?

Orange county couple's high asset divorce settlement revealed

Recently an Orange county couple, along with their three children, were the focus of media attention when news broke about the details of a settled divorce decree. The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star has been awarded spousal support, child support and a lump sum asset division from her ex-spouse, according to court documents.

Review of how we can help with college expenses

Although this post has discussed this topic before, with the latest round of young people in Orange County, California, getting ready to graduate high school in the upcoming weeks, it may be helpful for their parents to review how their divorce or child support orders can help with the financing of college.

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