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Why might a court order supervised visits?

Previous posts here have discussed how courts in California have the authority, at least in limited circumstances, to order one parent to have only supervised visits with a child. There is no checklist that courts use to decide what does and what does not qualify as a reason to order supervised visits. As such, a parent in Orange County who feels that supervised visits are needed, or, on the other hand, feels like they are not necessary, may need to get more information about the applicable child custody laws.

There are some common reasons why an Orange County court may order supervised visits. For one, allegations of domestic violence, against either the child or the other parent, can lead to an order for supervised visits. On a related point, concerns about a parent's drug abuse or some other concern that might make it hard for the parent to care for the child can mean that a court will order supervised visits until such time as the parent can resolve the problem. Even a parent's mental health issue can lead to an order for supervised visits, provided the issue actually affects the parent's ability to care for the children.

Sometimes, even if a parent is perfectly fit and has no history of being abusive, a court may still require supervised visits if the judge has concerns that the parent is going to defy the court's custody and visitation orders if the parent gets unrestricted access to the child. The parent also may need to have supervised visits, at least for a while, if the parent has not been around the child enough for the child to see the parent as someone other than a stranger.

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