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Why might a court order supervised visits?

Previous posts here have discussed how courts in California have the authority, at least in limited circumstances, to order one parent to have only supervised visits with a child. There is no checklist that courts use to decide what does and what does not qualify as a reason to order supervised visits. As such, a parent in Orange County who feels that supervised visits are needed, or, on the other hand, feels like they are not necessary, may need to get more information about the applicable child custody laws.

Bonuses are figured into child support calculations

Many residents of Orange County have the benefit of being in jobs that offer both regular and unexpected bonuses. Sometimes, these bonuses are "just because," while at other times they may be based in some way on job performance. Oftentimes, California business executives and salespeople may even have a detailed plan with their employers in which they are promised bonuses in exchange for meeting certain defined goals or achieving a pre-determined result.

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