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Review of legal separations in California

Residents of Orange County who may not want a divorce have other options available for protecting their rights when things are not going well with their spouses. One such alternative is what is called a "legal separation." In a legal separation, the two spouses will remain legally married. This means that neither spouse is free to validly remarry. On the other hand, it also means that spouses may continue to qualify for certain government and employment-related benefits via their ongoing legal relationship with each other.

Many of the nuts and bolts of a legal separation work the same way as they would in a divorce. For example, a judge hearing a legal separation case can still make orders dividing a couple's property and debts, setting up a parenting plan and establishing child support, among other orders.

There are many reasons a California resident may consider a legal separation instead of a divorce. Sometimes, people have religious or moral objections to divorce. Even if a person has no such objections, a legal separation frequently makes sense for financial reasons, such as a case in which one spouse wishes to continue to draw health benefits through the other spouse.

Whether a legal separation is a viable option for a person can be a complicated question and will often depend on that person's individual situation and circumstances. Likewise, going through a separation can be just as complicated and challenging as going through a divorce when it comes to issues like property division and issues related to children from the relationship.

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