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In custody cases, we work with a family's unique needs

A previous post on this blog talked about the unique issues that parents of children with special needs must face when they are trying to resolve custody and parenting time matters between themselves.

This post in particular mentioned how the parents have to ask questions like who will be best able to look after the child in light of his or her needs, particularly if the child will also need care after he or she reaches adulthood.

Other considerations would be at the forefront of these parents' minds, even if other families would scarcely pay attention to them.

Indeed, every family facing a custody or parenting time issue is, to some extent, in a unique situation. They all have particular challenges, strengths and weaknesses. As such, there really is no such thing as a boilerplate or routine parenting plan, as each family will have slightly different needs.

When it comes to helping a parent advocate for what he or she views as the best interests of his or her children, the attorney at our law office is careful to assess the unique needs of this clients and their families. He will also identify any special challenges the family may face, such as providing for a child with special needs or dealing with a high conflict case. He can use his knowledge and extensive experience to come up with creative solutions and, when needed, convincing arguments.

Assuming that there are no problems like violence or drug abuse, we will then work hard to make sure our clients get not only a fair share of time with the children and a voice in important family decisions but also a clear and workable parenting plan.

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