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February 2019 Archives

Custody considerations for special needs children

As an Orange County parent who has been through it knows, any custody dispute or dispute over parenting time is stressful, even when the parents are able to get along reasonably well. There are just a lot of details that have to be worked out, and there are often inherently a lot of emotions involved.

Fringe benefits can be figured in to the child support

This blog has on previous occasions discussed how California applies a specific formula to determine how much each parent owes toward child support. Application of this formula depends heavily on each parent's income, and for good reason. How much each parent makes will translate in to how much he or she can afford in child support. The parents' income is also a good measure of how much support a child will need in order to maintain his or her standard of living.

What is palimony and how does it work?

This blog has previously discussed how unmarried couples who separate have to deal with some unique issues when it comes to their legally splitting. For instance, while child custody and support work in ways that are similar to what one might find in a divorce, unmarried couples face difficult family law issues when it comes to dividing up their property and figuring out their financial affairs.

What can, and cannot, be included in a prenuptial agreement

As this Orange County, California, blog has discussed on previous occasions, many couples in this state, including those who have no plans of divorcing, choose to enter in to prenuptial agreements. While there are certain minimum legal requirements every prenuptial agreement must satisfy, one of the reasons they are so popular is that they are flexible documents.

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