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What does conscious uncoupling have to do with divorce?

Many people, including some well-known celebrity couples, have started to be open about their use of a technique called conscious uncoupling when they are moving away from a romantic relationship.

The idea behind conscious uncoupling, which is a term used in the world of mental health and family counseling, is that the end of a relationship, marital or otherwise, does not have to be particularly explosive or full of resentment and anger.

According to those who designed the process, conscious uncoupling encourages people to see the end of the relationship as a good opportunity rather than a sign that the person has failed. While not a legal process per se, those who advocate for conscious uncoupling encourage couples going through a split to consider mediation or the collaborative divorce process.

As this blog has touched on, both of these processes involve the two parties attempting to resolve their differences outside the traditional process of going to court with an eye toward preparing for, and then winning, a contested proceeding.

In mediation, for instance, parties will refer their outstanding divorce issues to a neutral third party, usually an expert in family law and family dynamics, who will help them negotiate a solution that may not be perfect but will at least work for everyone.

Mediation is not right for every situation, but it can be a useful option for a couple who wishes to part ways without a lot of acrimony, a step that could well be very healthy for the couple' children. Orange County residents who want to consider trying mediation as part of an overall strategy of conscious uncoupling should speak to an experienced family law attorney.

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