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A breakup may be the right time to consider a paternity action

Many people in Orange County, California, have what in the legal sense is an informal relationship with their child's other parent. For instance, many people in the area choose to live together and raise children without ever getting officially married.

The reality is that, just like marriages, these relationships can end in a breakup, even if the couple has been together for a long time. While a breakup might be easier than a divorce when it comes to dividing property, the problem with a breakup of two parents is that their rights to the children are in a kind of legal limbo.

To be more specific, even if a man has been involved in his child's life for years or even since birth, without a formal paternity order, he has nothing to legally establish his rights to things like custody and parenting time or, if he is caring for the child full time, the right to receive child support from the mother. For that matter, the mother of the child may not be able obtain support from the father without first establishing paternity.

For these reasons, especially if the breakup is less than cordial, it may become quite important to get a court order establishing paternity and, for that matter, related items like custody, support and parenting time. Without an order, both parents may find it harder to continue to provide for and care for their children.

Getting a paternity order is not just a matter of formalizing an affidavit or getting a DNA test. This is why our law office represents both men and women in paternity and in related proceedings.

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