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Review of how to enforce a custody order

An Orange County parent who lives separately from his or her child's other parent will likely have some sort of custody arrangement in place with the other parent. Whether agreed to between the parents or made up entirely by the court, this arrangement ordinarily is enshrined in a written court order.

More on deviations from the Child Support Guidelines

A previous post talked about how not every California child support case is a matter of applying a formula set out under this state's Child Support Guidelines. Particularly with high-earners and other parents in special circumstances, simply plugging in the appropriate numbers to yield child support might not be appropriate and even downright unfair.

Review of grandparents' rights in California

As this blog has discussed previously, while their rights are not the same as those of parents, grandparents have certain rights to see and, at times, even have custody over their grandchildren. With respect to visitation rights, state law allows grandparents to ask a court for an order requiring that they be allowed to have contact with their grandchildren in certain circumstances, such as when one of the child's parents is deceased or the parents are divorced. Although getting such an order is more difficult when a child's parents are married, it is not impossible.

A breakup may be the right time to consider a paternity action

Many people in Orange County, California, have what in the legal sense is an informal relationship with their child's other parent. For instance, many people in the area choose to live together and raise children without ever getting officially married.

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