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Although California like most other states has a set formula for determining child support in most cases, this does not mean that every divorce, legal separation, or other proceedings involving child support is an easy case that can be handled without professional legal help.

Indeed, as pervious posts have discussed, there are often situations in which California judges in Orange County may choose to deviate from the established child support amount in order to account for special circumstances. These sorts of situations are largely left to the discretion of the judge, which means a person will need to present evidence and arguments in support of their position.

For example, there may come occasions in which a person is earning so much that the amount of support prescribed would far exceed what the child truly needed, meaning in effect that the person is making an extra, unacknowledged payment to the child's other parent. On the other hand, in many other cases, it is only fair that a high-earner share his or her wealth with the children.

Likewise, there are other child support situations that add an extra layer of complexity. For instance, deviations from the state's guidelines may be required to account for extra child care expenses or for irregular or unreported income.

Our law office has experience with all sorts of child support matters, including those which or more complicated or which may require a judge to hear a lot of evidence and make a decision about deviating from the state's guidelines.

With our knowledge and experience, we can help high earners and others who have special child support situations, such as self-employment or extra child care expenses, set and accomplish their realistic goals and get a fair result.

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