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Being behind in child support can mean not earning a living

Many people in Orange County rely on their ability to drive a car to earn their living. Whether they are commercial drivers, just do a lot of driving as part of their job or need to drive in order to commute to work, not being able to operate a vehicle legally can thus put a person in a serious financial pinch.

This may be one reason why people who may have gotten a little behind in the child support would be particularly frightened when they get a notice that the authorities are trying to suspend their driver's license. Losing one's license could also spell the loss of one's job or even career.

But, the power to suspend licenses extends beyond driving privileges. Those who do not pay child support could see their professional license suspended as well. And, they may lose their license to legally run a business in California or practice a particular trade.

The good news is that before actually suspending a license, the Department of Child Support Services will send a warning, giving a person who is behind 150 days to work out some payment arrangements. The warning only applies to first-time offenders. For those who have gotten behind on a previous occasion, the Department may move immediately to a license suspension and ask questions later.

Someone who receives a notice from the state that he or she is being targeted for a license suspension will want to take such a notice seriously. He or she may need professional legal assistance with negotiating a suitable repayment plan as often people get behind in child support for understandable reasons, including, for instance, an unexpected job loss.

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