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Bad decisions during, after divorce can mean legal, money woes

Orange County residents probably realize that the end of a relationship in divorce or permanent separation is an emotional and stressful time. As such, it is understandable that the parties involved might not be thinking clearly, and they are prone to making mistakes.

Some of these common mistakes, such as not having a financial plan or choosing to cash out one's retirement plan to pay other marital debts, are primarily monetary errors that could affect one's long-term financial goals. Others, however, can also have legal ramifications.

One example of a mistake that could spell legal trouble is giving in to the temptation to overspend while one's marriage is on the rocks. Honest people may, almost without thinking, decide to buy new stuff or take a weekend getaway while a divorce or separation is pending, perhaps because doing so relieves stress.

This may be a great idea in the short term, but in the long run, it can spell legal trouble is marital assets or lines of credit belonging to both spouses were involved in the person's spending spree. At a minimum, the person is going to be solely responsible for these debts, even though divorce already presents financial challenges. At worst, the person may face additional legal sanctions for dissipating marital assets.

Another common mistake is to use the occasion as a time to change jobs or careers. If a change means more income, that is probably a good thing, but a change to that low-paying dream job or, worse, just taking some time off is rarely going to pan out long-term.

Indeed, as this blog has mentioned before, California judges do look at one's income earning potential when deciding child support and alimony, and they could decide to set a higher child support or spousal maintenance order since the person making these payments could have held on to a higher paying job. These sorts of mistakes may occur without thinking and usually because of stress or strong emotions. This is one reason why consulting an objective and experienced California family lawyer for advice and advocacy is a good idea.

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