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We can help create a workable parenting plan

Previous posts on this California blog talked about a parenting plan and how couples who are not living together may need one both to keep their own lives running smoothly and to provide for the emotional and even physical needs of their children. While this is especially important when parents are not getting along and need some clear and detail rules by which to abide, a parenting plan is still a good idea, even when the couple that is splitting is generally able to work things out with respect to their kids.

For instance, the attorneys at our law office can help a parent think honestly and thoughtfully about whether a true shared custody arrangement, that is, one in which each parent has the children more or less half the time, is workable. Even when the parents get along, there may be other considerations, like work schedules and the like, that may make a shared custody arrangement difficult on the kids.

The other important part about a parenting plan is that clarity as to who gets the children when and how the two parents are going to relate to one another is that it gives the parents, and the children, predictability and a good idea about what expect. In other words, good parenting plans can help keep smooth relationships between the parents on track.

With respect to this point, our office has enough experience with custody and parenting time matters to know what sort of future problems parents might face and can take proactive steps in the parenting plan to head these problems off. A good parenting plan is important even for couples who are committed to getting along with each other just as much as they are for couples who are having a rocky relationship after their breakup.

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