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August is a great time to review your child support

Since the mid-1990s, the federal government commemorates National Child Support Awareness Month every August. Thiss observance began via a proclamation by then President, Bill Clinton, and was meant to encourage parents to pay their child support faithfully and understand how important these payments are for their children's physical and emotional needs.

Specifically, child support is there to help provide not only for a child's basic needs like food, shelter and clothing, it also supposed to help with things, like the cost of schooling and babysitting expenses. The slogan for this year's observance was, "Be Your Child's Superhero," a theme that is aimed to let parents know that paying child support is more than just an obligation, but a way to be involved in the lives of their children in an important way.

August is certainly a great time for parents who may be behind in their child support to catch up for the sake of their children. However, Child Support Awareness Months is also a good time for parents in Orange County, California, to review their current child support orders. After all, if a parent is not getting enough in child support because of a court order, then the end result can be just as bad as when a parent is not paying.

Although reviews of child support can strike some as routine affairs, there are in fact many issues that might emerge, such as what counts as a person's income or how much parenting time a parent is really exercising. These sorts of issues are often best resolved with the help of an experienced family law attorney.

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