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Review of how victims can get a restraining order

As a previous post on this blog discussed, domestic violence victims in the Orange County area will need to take calm but decisive action in order to get the violence to stop and to protect their children and their other interests.

One means of stopping domestic violence short of going straight to the police or prosecutors is to request a civil restraining order, which is also called a protective order.

The order can stop a perpetrator from engaging in a number of abusive behaviors and behaviors that are related to abuse, such as making unwanted contact with the victim or threatening or harassing them. The order can also order the perpetrator to keep a healthy distance from the victim and places where the victim frequents, like the victim's home or place of work. The order can also compel the perpetrator to pack up and leave the victim's residence, even if the perpetrator is part owner of it.

A person who wants a protective order will have to offer proof that abuse occurred and will also have to demonstrate that he or she is eligible for a protective order. For instance, someone who wants a protective order based on domestic violence will have to show that he or she is married or was married to the perpetrator or were otherwise intimate.

It's not always easy to get a restraining order. They are legal proceedings and, as such, require a person asking for one to follow the necessary legal procedures and prove his or her case. An experienced family law attorney can help a victim accomplish these important steps in order to get some sense of safety and security following domestic violence.

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