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Protections for domestic violence victims

It is an unfortunate reality that many residents of Orange County are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence affects people across the board and does not discriminate on race, social status, nationality or race.

It is also unfortunate that police and prosecutors can only do so much when it comes to domestic violence, and, at some points, they may just not have the willingness or time to give all such allegations the time they should.

What this means is that victims of domestic violence may need help from a family law attorney in Orange County who has experience handling domestic abuse and other difficult cases.

The attorney at our law office has handled only family law cases since 1990. As part of his extensive experience, he has represented many victims of domestic violence, as well as those who have been wrongfully accused of violence.

We have developed a reputation for having a detailed knowledge of family law as it relates to domestic violence, and he also has a solid reputation for being a straight-shooter. In consideration of these qualities, several courts have appointed him to serve as guardian ad litem for children that are involved in custody and parenting time cases.

No matter which side of the case one is on, cases related to domestic violence always call for a calm approach that nonetheless recognizes the urgency and importance of the situation. Whether you are trying to protect yourself and your kids from abuse or are trying to protect your job and reputation from a false accusation, our office can help you evaluate your legal options and also help you pursue them.

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