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Options for enforcing parenting time in California

Despite the warnings about how important it is for parents to get along with each other when it comes to parenting time, for many reasons, sometimes this is a challenge for Orange County, California, couples.

In some cases, one parent, usually the one who has the children most of the time, may use his or her power to keep the children away from the other parent, even though the other parent has court-ordered or even agreed upon visitation.

When this happens, it can be a very frustrating experience for the other parent, especially since, as previous posts have discussed, the police are often unwilling or unable to help out.

However, a parent does have legal options available to him or her, even though exercising these options may require some patience. In the most serious cases, a parent can get help from the local prosecutor who may have a criminal case brought against the offending parent.

In most cases, though, the parent will have to go back to the family law court and ask for help with enforcing parenting time. So long as the parent proves his or her case to the satisfaction of the judge, then the court may give the parent makeup parenting time or order the offending parent to pay for counseling or parental education classes.

The court can also use fines and fees to force a parent to comply. Using the power of contempt, the court can even jail an offending parent just to emphasize the importance of following court orders. Finally, the court may also simply change its custody and parenting time orders to make sure violations do not continue.

Although it is frustrating when one parent deprives another parent legitimate visitation rights, the other parent does have options available to him or her.

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