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What should be include in a visitation plan?

Instead of taking every parenting issue back to court, many separated parents in Orange County, California, choose to instead make a detailed visitation plan. This is also be referred to as a "parenting plan," or, more formally, a "custody and visitation agreement."

These plans are helpful because they detail what both the parents and children can expect, who will make decisions and what the children's daily lives will look like, with respect to each parent. This gives a sense of stability to the children, which in turn, helps them with their overall mental health and outlook on life.

However, it is important that a visitation plan clearly cover all the important topics that may come up. On the most basic level, it needs to establish a regular parenting schedule for each parent, understanding, of course, that some flexibility will need to be built in.

A plan also needs to outline which parent will make what decisions for the child, particularly important matters, like health care and education. Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that the children will have appropriate care and the necessary emotional support that parents offer children.

On a more practical level, visitation plans should take in to account each child's unique circumstances, as well as each parent's needs and availability. It should create a schedule and system that will cover things, like holidays, and the like, and that will, as much as possible, ensure consistency. The plan should also be clear enough so that there are no questions about what it means, should there be a custody conflict or divorce problems related to visitation down the road.

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