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When are supervised visits an option?

Despite the fact that many California residents recognize the benefits of having both parents involved in their children's lives, in many cases, this is unfortunately not the best child custody option for families. For instance, in some cases, abuse between the parents or even between parent and child may make unrestricted visits a terrible idea for lots of reasons. In other cases, even if a parent is not abusive, things like drug use, untreated mental illnesses, absence or other factors may make parenting time a challenge that must be addressed with the utmost care and concern for the feelings and well-being of the children involved.

In California, judges have the authority to order a parent to have only supervised visits with their children in limited circumstances. Generally speaking, this authority exists when evidence suggests that supervised visits are necessary to protect the physical or emotional safety of the children.

Orange County residents should take note, however, that judges may be reluctant to restrict visits when there are alternatives to doing so, as supervised visits are not just one more alternative parents can ask for to their liking; they are instead serious restrictions on a parent's ability to form a relationship with his or her child.

The court's order will need to set out the parameters for supervised visits, such as when and for how long they are to take place. The order may also explain the reason for the order and identify what a parent needs to do in order to get unrestricted parenting time.

In some family law cases, it is important for Orange County residents to ask for supervised visits for the sake of their children's health. In other cases, a parent may wish to defend against the other parent's request for supervised visits as an unnecessary restriction on parenting time. Both of these situations will usually call for the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

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