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What factors will a court consider when deciding custody?

A child custody decision is one of the most important and difficult decisions that an Orange County, California, court can make. After all, usually both parents of the child are "good" parents who love their kids very much, but need a judge to resolve the disagreements between them.

Still, one parent will likely feel that he or she was shortchanged because of the decision, and, unless there is a true joint custody arrangement, one parent will not have as much time with the children as the other. Parents might want to know exactly what judges are going to look for when they make a decision about child custody, as California courts consider a number of factors when they decide a case.

These factors are not really hard and fast rules, so they require the judge to do some interpretation and use common sense to apply them to the parents' situations. Basically, the court is going to look at the child's current physical and mental condition and decide which parent is best able to meet the child's particular needs.

The court may also consider whether there are any credible allegations of abuse and, assuming the parents live in different towns, how well adjusted the child is to each community.

Although the court's goal is always to act in the child's best interests, it can be hard to predict exactly how a judge will apply these factors to a particular set of circumstances. This is why parents in Orange County often get help with their child custody cases from experienced family law attorneys who understand the nuts and bolts of how judges make these sorts of very important decisions.

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