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What factors into a child support calculation?

Previous posts here have discussed various individual factors that California law takes into consideration when it comes to the courts of this state determining the proper amount of child support. It may be helpful to parents in Orange County to have an overview of all the items a court will consider.

For instance, parents probably recognize that each parent's income is an important consideration when it comes to child support, as is the amount of time the children spend in each parent's home. Of course, the number of children the couple has together is also an important consideration, as the more children a couple has, the more it will cost to support them.

What parents might not realize, however, is that a child support calculation in California should consider whether and to what extent each parent is able to claim tax deductions on behalf of their children. If one parent is getting the benefit of a tax deduction, then that parent may be expected to shoulder more of the child support obligation.

A court will also consider certain deductions from a person's paycheck or, for that matter, a person's self-employment income. For instance, a parent who is providing health insurance for children via an employer will be entitled to an appropriate credit. Other deductions may also figure into the court's child support calculation.

Finally, a court can consider certain items which could profoundly affect a parent's finances, such as unusual medical expenses, losses to a person's property or other child support obligations from prior relationships.

There are many legal facets to a court's child support decision, and some of them can present complicated legal issues. An Orange County family law attorney is a good resource for answering detailed questions about a child support calculation.

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