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Post-divorce modifications in California

There are many people in Orange County who may be divorced or legally separated and begin to realize that their agreement or divorce order is no longer workable, for whatever reason. In some cases, they may even discover that their order is unfair or was based on bad information.

The good news is that if these orders pertain to child custody or child support, then orders are relatively easy to change. Court look upon orders regarding child custody, parenting time or child support as changeable because the best interest of a child can change, and the goal is always to look out for the best interest of the child.

Unfortunately, if the issue is with respect to the division of a couple's property, it can be hard to change the court's order, especially if it was the result of a fair agreement. When it comes to "stuff," the courts of California prefer to leave people's agreements in place, even if it turns out in the long run that one person got a better deal than the other. There are some exceptions to this rule, however.

For example, if a person can prove that the original order was the result of one member of the couple hiding assets or engaging in other deceptive behavior, a court can make changes to the order. In order for someone's request for a post-divorce modification to succeed, however, they must meet certain legal requirements, which can be complicated and difficult to navigate.

If an Orange County resident believes that his or her divorce order, custody order or legal separation order needs to change, he or she should consider going to an experienced family law attorney in the area for advice and, if needed, ongoing representation with respect to these types of family law issues.

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