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Disputes over child support factors may call for legal help

As a previous post here noted, there are many different factors that go into a child support calculation in California. In addition to each parent's income, things like tax consequences, child care expenses, health insurance and the like can also be considered in the calculation.

While the calculation of child support itself may seem like a routine thing in California, the numbers that factor in to the calculation are different in every case and, as such, are often up for dispute. In particular, it can be hard to determine the income a parent is receiving from self-employment or for some source other than a job, especially when there is no good record of this income. Likewise, items like child care and extra-curricular activities, which go into a child support calculation, may change over time, and the cost of these expenses can increase or decrease frequently.

Nonetheless, it is very important that the calculation of these and other factors are as accurate as possible. If they are not, a parent can wind up paying too much support and thus face significant penalties even though he or she is truly doing his or her best to provide for the children. On the flip side, a miscalculation can also mean a parent entitled to support gets shortchanged and is left either doing without or working all the harder to make up the difference.

Our law office understands that not every child support calculation is a straightforward matter, and many of them may need to be negotiated or even argued in front of a judge. We are available to our clients in these sorts of situations in order to give them peace of mind that the child support order will be affordable to them while also being fair to their children.

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