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Assistance in child custody cases

A previous post on this blog discussed how, in the vast majority of case, law enforcement authorities are not going to be able to help a parent who is in the midst of an ugly child custody or parenting dispute and who now needs legal help just to be able to see their child when they are supposed to.

Generally speaking, an Orange County parent faced with these unfortunate circumstances is going to have to return to court and get assistance from the California courts, which can use the power of contempt to compel a non-cooperative parent to obey custody and parenting time orders.

However, even these situations are not always easy to navigate. They do, after all, involve returning to court, filing appropriate paperwork and presenting evidence and making one's case that custody or parenting time orders indeed have been violated without a good reason and, thus, court action is warranted. It is never a happy day when a parent who has legitimate grievances winds up not getting the help they need in large part because they did not know how to work through the system.

Our law office is available to provide experienced advice and advocacy to those parents in or around Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area who find themselves facing a custody or parenting time issue that, for whatever reason, the police are not able to resolve immediately.

While it can still be a trying experience, we can provide a parent with a thorough evaluation of their legal options and the realistic outcomes of their cases.

Moreover, we also use or legal knowledge and experience to investigate ongoing custody and parenting time issues so as to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. In this respect, in addition to pursuing a contempt case against a parent who will not follow the court's custody orders, we may be able to recommend appropriate changes to the custody order that will help our clients avoid being in similar situations down the road.

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