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Representing clients when income capacity is an issue

A previous post on this blog has already explained how our law office can help Orange County residents when they are having a dispute over how much income they should have to county, or, for that matter, how much they are entitled to take as credits for expenses, when it comes to calculating child support.

However, of late this blog has mentioned that California courts can in certain circumstances choose not to use a person's actual income in a child support calculation but instead use a parent's income capacity. A judge is most likely to do this when a parent has worked a good-paying job, or seems capable of doing so, yet does not have a decent income at the time child support gets calculated and thus pays less.

Our law office is able to assist both parents who want to make the other parent pay more child support and is also able to assist parents whom the other parent thinks should pay more but who are in fact doing their best. It bears repeating that, when it comes to setting or changing a child support order, the goal we set for ourselves is to make sue our clients' support order is fundamentally fair and based on information that is correct.

What this means is that, if we're representing a parent who is asking for more help on behalf of his or her children, we work hard to ask the right questions and get information in front of the judge to show that the other parent really could be doing more for their kids if they tried.

On the hand, if our client is the target of an accusation that they are voluntarily unemployment or underemployed, we tell our client's story to show the judge how our client is in fact doing the best they can.

While this does not mean that a client will get what they want in every case, we have a solid track record of helping clients achieve their goals for child support and, along the way, work through what for many is a difficult process that can be hard to understand.

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