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Modifications of divorce, or paternity, orders

Particularly when a child is still small, an Orange County couple who has divorced or who has never been married may discover as time goes on that the court's paternity order or divorce decree simply no longer fits their situation. In this case, especially since it may have been months or even years since the original court order got entered, these people may wonder what exactly their options are.

Fortunately, in California, people can solve these sorts of family law problems simply by going to court and asking the court to modify the divorce decree or paternity order. California law recognizes that, especially when it comes to raising and providing for children, circumstances often change and can sometimes change profoundly. Courts therefore have ongoing authority to supervise a child's situation with respect to custody, visitation and support and also to make changes when they are called for.

Parents can either request changes via an agreement or can ask the court to review the case further in light of new information. While a parent has some legal and practice limits on how often and under what circumstances he or she can do this, generally speaking, the courts stay open to hear these types of questions, especially since they involve the well-being of children.

On the other hand, a person's agreement with his or her former spouse or partner regarding property and other matters not related to the care of one's children have a much stronger cloak of finality about them, just like other court judgments and settlement agreements. Separate laws might allow courts to modify judgments in certain limited circumstances, and parties can always set up a process by which they are allowed to modify their court agreements. Still, one should be careful when resolving property issues, as a post-divorce modification or other change can prove to be difficult.

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