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Child support orders and health insurance

One of the many child support issues a parent in Orange County, California, might face is the question of health insurance. Most Californians, particularly those who work full time, probably appreciate the importance of having insurance for themselves and thus buy it, even though it is very expensive.

However, it may be quite tempting for a parent not to want to foot the bill for his or her children if he or she sees a more affordable alternative. This is often simply a matter of financial survival, as expenses mount up even in daily life, much less in the wake of a significant court proceeding like a divorce or other child support case.

California courts are required to force parents to deal with the question of how their children are going to get the health care they need. Thus, someone has to pay for health insurance for the kids. If neither parent is able to do so, then the court may order both parents to apply for health insurance.

While one parent generally can pay for the insurance and take an appropriate credit on his or her share of child support for the child's portion of the insurance, there can sometimes be issues surrounding health insurance. As mentioned, it may be that one parent has access to better or more affordable coverage but, for whatever reason, will not apply for it.

In other cases, parents may fight over who should get to provide the insurance, as it could reduce the amount of cash child support a parent owes each month.

While what it costs for health insurance may seem like a simple question, as with other child support problems, complexities and roadblocks can easily emerge. That is why an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney who practices in Orange County can be of invaluable assistance.

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