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We can help with child support income disputes

A previous post on this blog discussed how the amount of child support a parent has to pay depends heaving both on his or her own income and that of the other parent. The post also mentioned that the definition of income is very broad, and their can be disputes about whether something should count as income or not.

It can also be difficult to get a handle on a parent's income when it comes from unusual sources. Many times, this sort of income is irregular, and sometimes, as in the case of in-kind benefits like getting to stay in a home for free, income can be hard to put any precise value on at all. Unfortunately, there are also some cases where a parent, simply because he or she does not want to pay support, tries to conceal some of his or her income.

These sorts of situation only underscore what our law office already knows about child support, which is that even though California has detailed guidelines regarding how judges should calculate support, the underlying assumptions of what goes in to those numbers are not always correct. Likewise, disputes can still happen, and when they do happen, it means either parent may have to take court action in order to be sure they are being treated fairly and their children are getting the proper amount of child support.

With its experience in family law, our office has a thorough understanding of how child support works in California, and we also have a good idea of how the judges before whom we practice will decide child support cases regarding income. If you are a person who lives in or even around Orange County and have a child support calculation issue, we will work hard to represent your legal interests effective and investigate your case appropriately.

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