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Advice on how to help children involved in a divorce

It is not uncommon for spouses involved in an unhealthy marriage to stay together solely to protect the wellbeing and happiness of their children. While this is, of course, a noble gesture, the fact remains that children generally will lead a happier and healthier life in an environment free of arguments, resentment and negativity.

In fact, research has shown that as much as 80 percent of children who are involved in a divorce have absolutely no lasting negative effects in their mental health, social interactions or grades following a divorce. This is also applicable to the parents themselves, who are generally stronger and better parents involving discipline, stability in their environment and providing affection and love when emotionally stable. Without the distraction of an unloving spouse to get in the way, each parent can focus on spending quality time with their children, without the threat or fear that the unhappy relationship with their spouse will get in the way.

Following a divorce, with visitation rights in place to assure that the children spend appropriate time with both parents, children are able to maintain healthy and happy relationships with both their parents. In order to assure that children are not negatively affected, it is often helpful to establish new and regular routines. This enables the children to know when to expect they will be spending time with each of their parents.

If you and your ex-spouse are having difficulties in determining child custody as you head towards a divorce, or are involved in a custody dispute following your divorce, it is important to know your rights and to make certain that the decisions that were made by the courts during the divorce are honored.

Source: Psychology Today, "Yes, You Can Raise Happy Children After Divorce," By Wendy Paris, Mar. 17, 2015

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