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We can help with child support income disputes

A previous post on this blog discussed how the amount of child support a parent has to pay depends heaving both on his or her own income and that of the other parent. The post also mentioned that the definition of income is very broad, and their can be disputes about whether something should count as income or not.

How does child support work if we share custody?

A popular trend both in Orange County, California, and throughout the rest of the country is for parents who do not live in the same homes to agree to each have their children half of the time. Indeed, a California parent can probably see how, in most cases, it is healthy for a child in most cases to see each of their parents as much as possible and to be able to watch their parents get along.

How does a prenuptial agreement help you in divorce?

Prenuptial agreements are known for their negative connotations. Feelings of mistrust and anxiety may arise when this topic is addressed by engaged couples. For many, creating a prenuptial agreement implicitly suggests a marriage may end in the future. Speaking of this before a marriage has even begun is uncomfortable and difficult.

Advice on how to help children involved in a divorce

It is not uncommon for spouses involved in an unhealthy marriage to stay together solely to protect the wellbeing and happiness of their children. While this is, of course, a noble gesture, the fact remains that children generally will lead a happier and healthier life in an environment free of arguments, resentment and negativity.

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