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How child support helps children

As we have stressed before, the importance of protecting the best interests of the children during and following a divorce cannot be understated. The courts understand this as well, and will make decisions regarding child custody and child support to assure that the child's best interests will always be met.

When it comes to child support, both parents should understand what child support can be used for. This will alleviate the potential for arguments or even for disagreements to wind up back in court.

Raising a child can be expensive. This is why it is not uncommon for the courts to award the custodial spouse child support to help pay for the upbringing of a child. The payments can be used for far more than just a child's basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter. They can be used for medical expenses, such as insurance, copays and deductibles, dental work and eye care; educational costs, including tuition and extracurricular activities, such as music lessons, sporting equipment and field trips; and even entertainment costs, such as trips to the movies or amusement parks, toys and games and even vacations. Child support payments can also be used for day care while the custodial parent is working.

While entering the courts in the process of a divorce, it is important to have a strong legal team at your side. Decisions made by the courts can have long-term or even lifelong repercussions. At our law firm, we understand the importance of fighting for your wishes in court. We proudly serve Orange, California, and the surrounding area with all aspects of family law.

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