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Representing parents in child support proceedings

When parents in California decide to divorce, the well-being of their child may be the first thing on their mind. Of course, they may want to see that their child weathers the separation as well as possible emotionally, but they may also be concerned with child custody decisions, and how their child will adjust to having two homes.

Often, when one parent has primary physical custody of the child, the noncustodial parent will pay child support to the custodial parent. These payments are meant to assist with the costs associated with raising a child. Parents in such situations may wonder how child support in California is calculated.

Specific guidelines for calculating child support can be found in the California Family Code. While these guidelines may seem clear on their face, that doesn't mean that they cannot be disputed. For example, if a parent earns a significantly high income, this may warrant a deviation from the statutory child support guidelines. If a paying parent has an issue with regards to the amount of support they owe, or if they want to seek a modification of that amount, they may want to first consult with an attorney.

An attorney can help noncustodial parents understand their child support obligations. Moreover, should the noncustodial parent experience a substantial change in circumstances that warrants a modification to a current award, an attorney can represent the noncustodial parent in court. Conversely, the custodial parent may also request a modification to a current child support award if there has been a change in circumstances.

The legal team at Kevin Qualls Family Law makes sure that their clients understand California child support laws before making any decisions regarding child support. It is important that both parents understand how the amount of support owed was calculated, and what they can do if they dispute it. To learn more about how an attorney can help you in your child support case, you can view the child support webpage of Kevin Qualls Family Law.

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