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Common questions regarding child support modifications

Any type of legal issue that involves family is stressful. There can be a large amount of uncertainty and fear and many situations aren't helped by the fact that such matters can be extremely complicated. Dealing with family law issues such as child support, however, doesn't have to be rife with unanswered questions and guesses.

Starting with the basics is a good plan of action for any situation, and that's where we'll start with our child support discussion today. Navigating the process of child support, whether modifying or seeking payments, is indeed difficult. Understanding the foundation of the issue, however, can go a long way in making it seem much less intimidating. We'll look at three questions in this blog.

First, if your current child support order seems harsh or unfair given your circumstances, it is possible to have it changed. Child support is a court order, so a judge must weigh in on the requested modification and decided whether or not to change it.

How is this accomplished? You and your former spouse must meet in front of a judge regardless of whether or not you agree on the proposes modification. The judge will weigh the possible change, consider the best interests of the child or children, closely examine the particulars that are influencing the proposed modification and rule accordingly.

That brings us to our last question - do child support modifications need to be permanent. The answer is no. Depending on the situation, a change in child support can be put in place for a limited amount of time. There are many factors that could lead to this decision, such as a parent's sudden loss of income, a medical emergency and more.

Child support is a complicated process and can become difficult to navigate without professional assistance. Seeking the help of an experienced attorney can help those in such situations make the decisions that are right for the time and that give the children involved every chance to thrive. For more information, please visit our child support page.

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