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Adoption in California

Much of the practice of family law is adversarial by nature. Even in an amicable divorce, the two parties have competing interests. When not handled well, child custody and child support disputes can lead to wounded pride and lingering resentments.

By contrast, adoption is a very upbeat legal issue. The goal is to bring a family together and take care of a child. When a family succeeds with an adoption, everyone involved is happy.

That said, adoption is not easy. The process takes a lot of time and there are many requirements and potential roadblocks along the way. It can be crucial for those who hope to adopt a child to have the help of a family law attorney with experience in adoption issues.

Those who hope to adopt a child in the United States can do so independently or through an agency. There are private agencies and public agencies. Public agencies typically deal with children who are wards of the state, such as those in the foster care system. Private agencies arrange adoptions from birth mothers or by other means. Both these types of adoption are heavily regulated by the state and federal governments.

Some parents seek to adopt internationally. This can be even more complicated than domestic adoption because parents must satisfy the legal requirements not only of the United States, but also of the child's home country.

California adoption laws allow many different types of people to adopt, including relatives, same-sex couples and step-parents. Children over the age of 12 must consent to the adoption, as must the birth parents. California even allows adoptions of adults.

A skilled family law attorney can discuss legal options with those who are hoping to adopt.

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