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When might a post-divorce modification be necessary?

Divorce can be one of the biggest life changing events someone in California can face. After the final divorce decree is signed, the parties may breathe a sigh of relief, feeling that part of their life is behind them, and their future is settled. However, life goes on and things often change.

For example, say you pay or receive spousal support or child support. What would happen if you lost your job? You may need to modify your support order to reflect the economic changes in your life. Conversely, say your income substantially changed for the better? If this is the case, and you pay spousal support or child support, these orders may need to be modified to make them fair.

Take also the case of parents who have children together and then divorce. The initial child custody orders may work for a while, but something could come up either in the life of the parent or the child wherein the child is no longer thriving under the current child custody order. This may be a situation in which a modification to the child custody order might be necessary. Or the child may reach an age where he or she can express his or her wishes regarding his or her custody arrangements. Another reason a child custody order may need to be modified is if instances of substance abuse or domestic violence arise.

As this shows, life is rarely static, nor can the future always be anticipated. When the unexpected happens, and changes need to be made to a divorce decree, it is best not to handle the manner alone. Family law issues can be quite complex.

Instead it may help to consult with professionals, such as those at the legal team at Kevin Qualls Family Law. These dedicated legal professionals put their decades of legal experience to work when it comes to seeking a modification of a child support order, spousal support order or child custody arrangement. To learn more about how legal guidance can be of use in such situations, you can visit the our website.

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