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How can California parents create a parenting plan out-of-court?

For parents in California going through a divorce, some of the most important decisions they will make are regarding their child. Specifically, decisions will need to be made regarding child custody and parenting time (visitation). A parenting plan will need to be created that includes information regarding each parent's responsibilities for raising their child. This includes not only where the child will live (physical custody), but also how major decisions regarding the child's upbringing will be made (legal custody) and how much parenting time the child will spend with each parent.

There are several ways parents can work out a parenting plan on their own without going to court. One way parents can create a parenting plan is through meeting and conferring. In this method, the parents along with their respective attorneys meet as often as is needed to negotiate the specifics of the parenting plan, without having to hold a formal court hearing.

Another method is through a settlement conference. Some courts in California allow parents to meet with a neutral individual, such as an attorney that doesn't represent either party, a neutral evaluator or a judge to work out a parenting plan. Parents interested in this option should consult their local court, to see if it is available to them.

Another way parents can create a parenting plan on their own is through private mediation. A mediator is a neutral party who facilitates discussions between the parents regarding their parenting plan, helping the parents identify and resolve the issues involved. A parent can still consult with an attorney, even if they choose mediation.

Finally, parents who want to create a parenting plan on their own can choose to do so through collaborative law. In this option, each parent is represented by an attorney, and all the parties agree to reach a resolution without having to go to court. Other experts may also be involved in the collaborative law process.

These are only some ways in which parents in California can create a parenting plan on their own. Once an agreement is reached, the final document can be signed, approved by a judge and filed with the court, making it legally binding. When negotiating a parenting plan, it can help to have a family law attorney by your side, to ensure the final agreement is fair and appropriate.

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